Who am I


That’s what I believe and the foundation of my company. Principle AG focuses primarily on Venture Capital. I invest early; open-minded but cautiously.
I partner with founders and entrepreneurs that have business ideas which tick 3 boxes: innovation, scalability and returns based on social and environmental sustainability. I invest to make you grow with a ‘clean approach’ to making money. Be it in the food, healthcare or technology sector.

Apart from my cash, I like to help you in any way possible: operationally as well as with my network of experts. I’m happy to actively contribute to the success of your business. Generally, I take a meaningful position on a board or a non-executive directorship or as an advisor to lend support and guidance. BUT I stay in the background. It’s you who runs your business! Young, and first-time founders are welcome, too. I expect you to be an ethical visionary, expert in your sector and demonstrate the ability to attract a likeminded team. If you can demonstrate your business idea fills a market gap, a strategy on how to capture and profit from it, then we have a starting point.




My first non-fiction book ‘Riccha Germania, Poveri Tedeschi’ was published by EGEA (Italy) in 2014. My second non-fiction book ‘Ageless Living’ will be published early 2017. I host ‘Ageless Living TV’ on YouTube.


Coaching and Moderation

I’ve partnered with the Deutsche - Medienschule (School for Media & Moderation) in Köln, Germany. We give regular workshops hosting and media training. I’m an event speaker, but also host and moderate business summits and events.


Venture Capital

I invest in business founders and entrepreneurs with ideas that are innovative, scalable and generate returns based on social and environmental sustainability. I invest in the ‘good guys’. I believe business needs to follow a ‘clean approach’ to making money. Integrity and sustainability is key to my investments.



  • Ageless Living TV

    In line with my core principles, I believe that what we do today, determines our life quality in future. Every day counts. Every thought, action and emotion counts, as they inevitably lead to consequences…one way or the other. ‘Ageless Living TV’ supports my ‘Ageless Living’ mission expressed in my book. My ‘Ageless Living’ community finds pod casts, interviews and regular tips on how to age LESS and stay as young as possible, for as long as possible. And possible it is! ‘Ageless Living’ is ‘anti-aging’ from a holistic angle…from a sustainable lifestyle angle. Together with my book’s 66 day program, the channel offers a plethora of tools, strategies and expert secrets on how to slow down our aging process.


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